Kraton 8s Vs Xmaxx: The Ultimate Guide

Kraton 8s Vs Xmaxx are two popular off road vehicles often used for racing purposes. Both are admired for their incredible speed and handling off road, however they each have unique features that distinguish them from one another. The Kraton 8s is known for its narrow wheelbase yet powerful performance capabilities. On the other hand, … Read more

NiMH Vs LiPo RC Car Batteries: 4 Pros And Cons

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RC Transmitter Flashing Red Light: The Complete Guide

RC Transmitter Flashing Red Light? The sight of an RC transmitter flashing a red light can be a confounding one, especially when you’ve worked hard to get all pieces put together. This common issue, however, is typically an easy fix – the battery of the transmitter needs to be changed or recharged. By doing so … Read more

Traxxas and LaTrax RC Cars: 15 Thing You Need To Know

Traxxas and LaTrax RC Cars? Traxxas and LaTrax RC Cars are popular with hobbyists around the world. Known for their high quality and affordability, these vehicles bring a sense of excitement to anyone who takes to the tracks. Both Traxxas and LaTrax provide users with a smooth steering experience, allowing them to focus on perfecting … Read more