Traxxas Rustler vs Traxxas VXL: 6 Best Tips You Need To Know

Traxxas Rustler vs Traxxas VXL? The Traxxas Rustler is the classic RC car, praised for its breakneck speeds and extraordinary sturdiness. It can handle practically any kind of surface from grass to dirt, mud or snow with absolute mastery; thanks to two-wheel drive and potent motor options. When you want to race around tight turns or carve through open spaces, there isn’t a better vehicle out there than the Rustler. To make things even more exciting, the VXL model was released as an upgrade that offers immense power in addition to larger tires and improved suspension system – making it ideal for tackling challenging terrain effortlessly.

Whether you choose the Traxxas Rustler or its VXL counterpart, you’re sure to experience a thrill of speed and versatility. However, if your ambitions are even greater than just having fun – with larger tires and parts that can handle tougher terrain – then go with the VXL model for some extra oomph under the hood. It’s designed to be fast enough for any competition while being agile enough to navigate rough paths; so no matter which one you pick, it’ll give you an electrifying journey on almost any landscape.

The Traxxas VXL is the perfect choice for those seeking a resilient and powerful RC car that can handle any terrain with ease. If you prefer something more dependable yet still packing enough power to make your off-roading journey remarkable, opt for the Rustler instead. Whichever model you pick from Traxxas, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience regardless of where your adventure takes place.

Traxxas Rustler vs Traxxas VXL


If you’re searching for an exhilarating remote-controlled experience, look no further than the Traxxas Rustler and VXL. Both cars have been crafted to provide a thrilling ride that won’t fail on performance or durability – however they do feature unique differences in design and accessories.

When comparing the Rustler and VXL, one of the most obvious distinctions is their wheelbase: The former has been crafted with a shorter base for greater maneuverability. Furthermore, while the Rustler contains two-wheel drive system as standard, its counterpart offers an enhanced four-wheel drive setup to guarantee superior traction and control. Additionally, since it comes with brushed motors compared to brushless motors on the VXL; you can expect increased power and speed from that model.

In addition to its other differences, the Rustler is equipped with a TQ 2.4GHz radio system and the VXL features Traxxas’ TQi 2.4 GHz radio system that enables users to keep track of essential performance data as well as adjust settings from their mobile device using Traxxas Link integration.

In terms of looks, the Rustler has a more classic look than the VXL which incorporates modern design elements like dynamic body lines and integrated LED lighting. 

Ultimately, both cars offer great value for money and are well-suited to either racers or hobbyists looking for an exciting RC experience. So it comes down to personal preference as to which car you choose.


The Traxxas Rustler and the VXL have lightweight, durable plastic chassis that are crafted to perfection. The Rustler is designed with a more rugged build which makes it perfect for off-road racing or extreme stunts while the VXL’s slimmer profile offers effortless maneuvering when taking tight corners or sharp turns. Additionally, both cars feature adjustable suspension systems so you can customize your ride according to any terrain of your choice for optimal performance.

For those seeking maximum power, the VXL is the clear choice. Not only does it come with a 4WD drivetrain which grants improved traction on tricky surfaces like sand and mud, but its long wheelbase also makes for more stable high-speed driving. Furthermore, it can reach higher speeds than the Rustler – boasting an impressive top speed of 30+ mph.

Trying to choose between the Rustler and VXL? It all comes down to your driving style. If you’re looking for something that can handle intense stunts at high speeds, then the Rustler is definitely a great pick. But if taking tight turns or navigating through slippery terrain is more your thing, then perhaps the VXL will suit you better. Both cars provide superior performance and are sure to please RC racers and hobbyists alike – no matter which option you go with. So don’t forget: have fun on either track or off-road adventures.

Before deciding between the two Traxxas cars, take time to assess their specifications. The Rustler is designed for crazy stunts and adventures in rough terrain with its extended wheelbase while the VXL’s shorter one provides extra maneuverability on slick surfaces. Both chassis feature adjustable shock absorbers that can be customized based on your personal driving style and interchangeable parts from third parties if you want additional customization options.


If you are searching for the perfect off-road RC car, look no further – both the Rustler and VXL offer oil-filled shocks to provide superior traction on any terrain. Additionally, water resistant electronics enable hours of fun even in wet conditions. With adjustable suspension tuning options and durable steel driveshafts that guarantee long term reliability, these cars also come with plenty of aftermarket parts so you can customize your vehicle as desired If you’re seeking a fast and agile racing vehicle, The Rustler with its 50-mph max speed or the VXL that can reach 60+ mph are both sensational options for any driver. However, if high velocity is paramount to you, the VXL should definitely be your go-to car because it exhibits superior handling characteristics in addition to its impressive top speed – all of which make it an exceptional choice for numerous drivers. On the contrary, even though tuning possibilities might take precedence over sheer quickness in other cases, either option here will work wonders.

Traxxas Rustler vs Traxxas VXL? If you want to take your driving experience to the next level and discover unique features that differentiate these two cars, both of them are perfect for you. However, if value for money is what matters most, then the Rustler can provide exactly that – an exhilarating ride with lots of power at an affordable cost. However, if you have more experience as a driver and need something faster that can handle tougher terrain, then the VXL should be your top choice. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and needs – regardless of which car you choose though, there’s no doubt you’ll be left delighted by its results.

If you’ve settled on a Traxxas car, there’s no limit to how much performance and style you can squeeze out of it. That’s because the aftermarket parts market is full of upgrades that let you customize your ride however you see fit. Motors and gearsets, shock absorbers and tires – they’re all part of the mix when it comes to taking your Traxxas vehicle up a notch or two. Even first-timers can get in on this if they do their research carefully; finding just the right combination will give them speed like never before.

Ultimately, whether you select the Traxxas Rustler or VXL remains your choice. The former grants a fun and varied ride while the latter is intended for those looking to experience serious speed or race performance. But regardless of which vehicle you choose, with some aftermarket parts and tunings, rest assured that your driving journey will be nothing short of sublime. So start searching now and get upgrading today – find just the right combination of components to achieve ultimate vehicular perfection.


The Traxxas Rustler VXL measures in at 16.54″ long, while the original Traxxas Rustler measures 19.53″ in length. The Traxxas VXL is also slightly wider than the Rustler, measuring in at 11.65″ versus the Rustler’s 10.63″. Both vehicles feature a wheelbase of 11.22″, but the VXL has a ground clearance of 2.83″, compared to the original Rustler which is just 1.73″. These differences all make for an exciting ride that feels different between the two models. 

Traxxas Rustler vs Traxxas VXL? If you’re looking to take your RC truck racing up a notch, the Traxxas VXL model will provide all the speed and power you need. Plus, both Rustler models come with waterproof electronics systems so that they can perform even in wet weather conditions. So don’t let rain stop your fun – upgrade today to experience more thrilling rides no matter where or when.

Traxxas Rustler VXL and original Rustler both provide adjustable shocks and suspension, allowing you to customize your ride for superior performance in any terrain. With a myriad of adjustability and power options available at your fingertips, you can create the perfect ride each time with either model of the Rustler. Compare them today to determine which one is right for you – explore all features that these vehicles offer so that you can maximize every RC experience by having fun whilst being powered up no matter where or what tracks are ahead.


With their intense motors, the Traxxas Rustler and VXL are two of today’s most sought-after remote control cars. These models can both reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. Although they deliver similar performance, there is a notable difference in price; the Rustler retails for $249 USD while its counterpart comes at around $399 USD. This makes it an optimal choice if you’re looking for a fantastic RC car that won’t break your budget. Both options offer great features and stellar performance making them excellent candidates when shopping around. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which one best fits your needs and budget.


Traxxas Rustler vs Traxxas VXL? The Traxxas Rustler is equipped with independent suspension that offers a smooth ride, even over rough terrain. It also has adjustable camber, caster and toe angles, allowing for custom tuning to fit your driving style or the track conditions. The Traxxas VXL, on the other hand, features a fully adjustable suspension system which allows for further fine-tuning of the vehicle’s handling characteristics. This includes shock angle adjustments, spring rate changes and sway bar tuning amongst many others. 

Both vehicles provide great off-road performance but depending on your skill level and preferences one may be more suitable than the other. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference when choosing between these two vehicles as they both can provide an enjoyable off-roading experience. However, if you are looking for more precise tuning capabilities and maximum off-road performance, the Traxxas VXL with its adjustable suspension system is your best bet. 

Regardless of the type of terrain you plan to drive on or how experienced of a driver you may be, both the Traxxas Rustler and VXL provide great off-roading performance. With their individual suspension systems, both vehicles offer distinct benefits that render them ideal for any driving condition. The Rustler is easy to customize and an excellent choice for novices or casual users, while the VXL provides greater levels of adjustability allowing experienced drivers to fine-tune it precisely.

If your primary objective is to have a thrilling off-road experience, then the VXL’s adjustable suspension system should be your ultimate choice. Its remarkable 3-position shock absorbers and wide range of sway bar options permit you to personalize its tuning capacity for any terrain or driving style. Rest assured that with the Traxxas VXL, you’ll be obtaining unparalleled levels of performance.

The Traxxas VXL is the ideal tool for any off-road enthusiast, allowing you to effortlessly customize your settings and optimize performance whether you’re racing against time or conquering rocky terrain. With its easy adjustments, it gives you total control over every aspect of your experience so that you can get the most out of each ride. 

Traxxas VXL Pros and Cons

Brushless motorExpensive compared to other models in its class
Ergonomically designed transmitterNot recommended for inexperienced drivers
High performanceCan be difficult to control
Onboard diagnostics alertRequires frequent maintenance
Powerful rechargeable battery pack
Waterproof construction


Are you facing trouble choosing between the Traxxas Rustler and VXL? Don’t worry, we’ll help you sort things out. Here’s a comparison of both models that will make your selection process easier. No other RC car can compare to the remarkable speed of the Traxxas Rustler. It boasts a blazing top speed of 35mph and zooms from 0-60 in just four seconds, making it one of the swiftest cars on market. The VXL follows close behind with its own admirable 30mph max velocity.

Traxxas Rustler vs Traxxas VXL? In regards to speed, the Rustler outruns its opponent, the VXL. With a brushless motor driving it forward, the Rustler can reach speeds of up to 30 mph in mere seconds. The VXL powered by a brushed motor falls slightly behind as acceleration takes it longer to pick up momentum. The Rustler is significantly larger than the VXL, measuring 14 inches long compared to 9.5 inches for the latter – making it perfect for outdoor racing and providing a longer wheelbase that grants greater stability on uneven terrain.

With regards to strength and longevity, the Rustler surpasses its counterpart VXL. It is constructed from superior aluminum and steel, granting it greater immunity to wear-and-tear compared to the latter’s plastic components. Both of these vehicles have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, when considering overall performance, toughness, and durability- it’s clear that Traxxas Rustler has a comprehensive edge. This car offers more velocity, excellent maneuverability capabilities as well as unbelievable strength – making it an ideal pick for anyone who wants to get the most out of their racing experience. No matter what you are looking for from your vehicle; with Traxxas Rustler you will always be guaranteed some real excitement. So don’t delay any longer; go ahead and start racing today.

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