Traxxas Slash Ultimate Vs Platinum: Best 3 Tips

Traxxas Slash Ultimate Vs Platinum? The Traxxas Slash comes in two different versions: Ultimate and Platinum. The major difference between these two models is the level of customization they offer. The Ultimate version of the Slash features a TQi radio system with 3 channel capability, making it easy to programmed and customize exact settings. It also has an On-Board Audio System to bring out the maximum realism from your RC experience. On the other hand, the Platinum version of the Traxxas Slash offers optional telemetry sensors that allow you to monitor vehicle speed, battery voltage, engine temperature and more for a truly immersive driving experience. Whichever version you choose, you are sure to get maximum performance from your Traxxas Slash.

Traxxas Slash Ultimate: Easy Control & Multiple Mode

Traxxas Slash Ultimate Vs Platinum? The Traxxas Slash Ultimate is a dream come true for any person passionate about R/C vehicles. It offers easy control with its industry-leading TQi 2.4GHz radio system, so anyone can take command of the vehicle. With multiple mode, amateur drivers can select the driving style they’re most comfortable with, while more experienced drivers can unlock extreme speed and precision. Plus, their exclusive design allows for plenty of customization options so users can create an individualized and unique look loved by racing enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re new to R/C vehicles or a pro-level driver, the Traxxas Slash Ultimate is guaranteed to deliver an unbeatable experience every time you get behind the wheel.

To begin, we have a Traxxas Slash Ultimate RC, which is popular because to its ease of use and its ability to switch between different speeds. You’ll find that using the RC from a distance is surprisingly straightforward thanks to the included extension cable.

First, we’ll go over the variable-speed mode. You’ll need a fleet of RC vehicles to accommodate your needs, as most models can’t be switched between different speed modes. Imagine you need to attend a sporting event or raceway with your RC training RC, but you can’t bring it along.

The electronic speed control of the Traxxas Slash Ultimate RC allows you to choose between three settings: sport, race, and training. To that end, it’s a reliable companion whether you’re at home in the classroom honing your skills in speed and control or out on the track having fun.

A 3000KV brushless motor is built into the Ultimate RC, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 60–65 mph. Such velocity allows you to win any race, on or off-road. As an added bonus, this Traxxas’s lightweight design (it weighs only 2.28 kg) and lightning-fast acceleration have made it a star on the racetracks.

The high-quality crawler shocks included with this RC model further enhance its already stellar off-road performance. The digital metal gear is waterproof, so it will last for years and provide you with the best racing experience possible.

One potential drawback of the Ultimate RC is that its 3S battery only provides 6-8 minutes of flight time. This RC’s high asking price is matched by its subpar appearance.

Modern wheelie barHigh handling level
Incredibly bright LED headlight
Greater reliability & better aluminum gear
Batteries having two high loads

Traxxas Slash Platinum: Top End Speed & High Runtime

Traxxas Slash Platinum 4X4 delivers top end speed for real-world RC adventures. This short course truck offers explosive acceleration, reaching speeds of up to 60+ mph with the included Power Cell LiPo battery. But that’s not all – this blistering performance comes thanks to upgraded VXL-6s power system, delivering unbeatable runtime and reliability to guarantee your outdoor races last longer. Get ready for some truly wild rides with the Traxxas Slash Platinum 4X4.

A Traxxas Slash Platinum RC is in high demand because of its exceptional top speed, longer battery life, and upscale appearance. Most RCs, due to the limitations of their motors, are unable to achieve peak speeds. However, the Traxxas Platinum RC features a 3500KV brushless motor that allows speeds of up to 70-85 mph. You can easily win any race with that kind of top-tier acceleration.

In fact, your electric controller will be protected from overvoltages and overloads thanks to the Platinum RC’s built-in low-voltage protection. Also, whether you’re driving in rain or fog, the RV’s electronics will continue to function normally because to their watertight construction.

Platinum is a worthwhile investment because of its high-end craftsmanship and attractive appearance. Furthermore, the Platinum RC features an adjustable front and rear sway bar and a sturdy chassis. This Traxxas Platinum is hence capable of providing exceptional durability and a long lifespan.

But because it only weighs 2.26 kg, this Platinum RC can get up to speed in a flash and maintain a high top speed for quite some time. As an added bonus, the RC has aluminum GTR shocks that are coated in PTFE. A more stable ride with superior handling is possible thanks to the high grade shocks.

Additionally, this RC comes with a transparent body in the high-end version. Because of this, a signature painting would look great on it. Additionally, the RC’s 4S battery may provide up to 10-12 minutes of track time.

The Platinum RC features a metal 106mm chassis, therefore it may not handle well over speed bumps. However, it is the best RC overall for more difficult launches and faster lap times on any surface.

3500KV brushless motor can go up to 70-85 mph
Lightweight design
Low-voltage protection
A clear polycarbonate body

Comparison between Traxxas Slash Ultimate & Platinum RC

There are many distinctions between the Traxxas Slash Ultimate and the Platinum RC, including those pertaining to speed, design, weight, acceleration, chassis, appearance, and runtime. Let’s examine these factors in greater depth.

Speed & Mode

The Traxxas Slash Ultimate and Platinum are two RC vehicles that provide hours of racing enjoyment, but each model has a different speed and mode. The Slash Ultimate gives drivers the thrill of up to 65+ mph driving in Race mode. In this mode, you can adjust the Drag Brake Force so that it suits your experience level, giving you full confidence on the track. The lower-priced Platinum model is not as fast, but it still provides plenty of fun with 25+ mph speeds achievable in Race and Training Tire modes. Both cars provide a great platform for all levels of drivers to take on track challenges.

When it comes to RC, speed is king. A 3500KV brushless motor has been installed in the Traxxas Platinum RC, increasing its top speed to 70–85 mph. The Ultimate RC, on the other hand, has a 3000KV brushless motor that can reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour. The Ultimate, on the other hand, has three distinct velocity settings: sport, race, and training. Therefore, this RC is there for you every step of the way as you become accustomed to the thrills of the sporting arena and the racetrack.

Weight & Handling

Weight-wise and in terms of control, these Traxxas slash are virtually identical. The Ultimate weighs in at 2.28 kg, compared to the Platinum’s 2.26 kg. So, in just a few seconds, both of these RCs can reach top speed. To top it all off, the Platinum RC has aluminum GTR shocks coated in PTFE, which can improve stability and steering. The Ultimate RC, on the other hand, has high-quality crawler shocks that make it easy to control even while off-road. You can choose Traxxas Slash without worrying about its manageability.


Most individuals like to put their own unique spin on their RC, thus this is really important. The future seems brightest for platinum, so let’s talk about it. The Ultimate RC may be a bit pricey, but it lacks the visual appeal of the Platinum. The Platinum RC has a clear polycarbonate body, making it suitable for custom painting. This Rc is always there to lend a hand if you feel the need to alter the outside in any way.

The Traxxas Slash Ultimate and Platinum models provide plenty of opportunities for experienced hobbyists and beginners alike to expand their skills in RC car driving. The Platinum builds upon the core features of the Slash Ultimate, adding additional Ride Command technology that provides wireless Bluetooth control as well as three telemetry features. It also includes a deeper set of waterproofing specs, critical for tackling rugged terrain conditions. The Ultimate model is ideal for getting familiar with RC cars, as it packs in some of Traxxas’s most advanced features like self-righting capability, low center gravity design, and its patented OBA system. No matter which you opt for, the performance capabilities on either model promise a thrilling ride!

Chassis & Upgrade

Selecting a sturdy chassis is important because it serves as the RC’s foundation. The chassis of the Ultimate and Platinum RC are both made of metal. The Platinum 106mm chassis isn’t as good as the Ultimate 108mm one. This means that the Platinum RC might not handle speed bumps very well. Plus, both of these RCs are upgradeable to meet your specific requirements. Before making any upgrades, calculate the effect on weight and acceleration to ensure you won’t lose any speed.

Battery & Runtime

The Traxxas Slash Ultimate and Platinum models are both incredibly popular, so it’s not surprising that one of the most frequently asked questions about them revolves around their battery life and run time. The Ultimate comes with a better quality LiPo battery compared to the NiMH battery in the Platinum edition, and this gives it a bit more power and a much longer run time. In fact, depending on driving habits, users can expect to get up to 10 minutes of runtime from one charge using the Ultimate edition. On the other hand, the Platinum typically only provides around 5 minutes of run time when fully charged – perfect for testing out new features and stunts but not quite enough for an entire afternoon racing session.

That’s what determines how long you get to spend at the track. Due to its 3S battery, the Ultimate only has a 6-8 minute playtime. However, the Platinum RC’s 4S battery will keep you racing for 10-12 minutes. Therefore, the Platinum RC is the best option if you want to race for a longer period of time.


The Traxxas Slash is one of the most popular RC cars on the market and can be enhanced with either a waterproof Platinum or Ultimate version. The Waterproof Platinum version comes with an additional sealed receiver box, providing full waterproof protection. On the other hand, Traxxas offers the Ultimate version which has even more advanced electronics like an adjustable wheelbase chassis, upgraded audio sounds and authentic JConcepts wheel designs. Ultimately, whether you choose the Platinum or Ultimate model, both versions provide an exciting time for hobbyists who love their RC vehicles and want to customize them for optimal performance in wet conditions.

Electronic Speed Control 

When it comes to performance of your Traxxas vehicle, upgrading your electronic speed control is crucial. The Traxxas Slash Ultimate and Platinum models both come with powerful speed controllers that deliver unrivaled responsiveness and power. While the Platinum edition has an upgraded waterproof design, both deliver exceptionally smooth, efficient power delivery to the motor allowing you to push your vehicle to its absolute limits with confidence and control. With superior components and advanced design features, these electronic speed controls will provide the perfect accompaniment for any level of driving from casual racers and backyard bash enthusiasts to off road warriors out pushing their vehicles to their max.


The Traxxas Slash Ultimate and Platinum models are two of the most desirable RC vehicles on the market today. Both models come with high-performance features and specifications, making them great for anyone looking for an awesome racing experience. When it comes to power, the Slash Ultimate has a 4S LiPo battery pack capable of reaching speeds of 60+ mph while the Platinum runs on a 2S LiPo capable of hitting speeds of 30+ mph – providing both speed and control. Although the Ultimate is more powerful than its predecessor, they both feature self-righting capabilities as well as shaft-driven AWD (all wheel drive). Ultimately, while they offer different levels performance it all boils down to how fast you want to go.